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“Was she happy? I suppose she was happy. She had after all fulfilled a dog’s most urgent need, she had managed to bestow her heart,, and upon steady people whose dull, uneventful lives required the consolation of what she had to give”

J.R.Ackerly, My Dog Tulip

“I realised clearly….what strained and anxious lives dogs must lead, so emotionally involved in the world of men, whose affections they strive endlessly to secure, whose authority they are expected unquestioningly to obey, and whose mind they never can do more than imperfectly reach and comprehend. Stupidly loved, stupidly hated, acquired without thought, reared and rules without understanding, passed on or ‘put to sleep’ without care, did they, I wondered, these descendents of the creatures who, thousands of years ago in the primeval forests, laid siege to the heart of man, took him under their protection, tried to tame him, and failed – did they suffer from headaches?”

J.R.Ackerly, My Dog Tulip

My Dogs

These pages are stories and pickies of my most constant companions. They are with me at the start of a day, through any of it that I spend at home, and they are the last thing I see – and feel, and, okay, to be honest, smell – as I head off to dozeland. They keep me warmer than any electric blanket. They snuggle into my back without stealing the doona as well. And when I’m down, nothing makes me feel as loved as when I put my head down near one of them and get a gentle lick.
They are a pain in the arse when it’s raining and they WANT THAT WALK NOW! Or when they come in from their morning walk and stamp all over my working papers with grubby paws (but then, they are perfectly right to wonder why I put my important papers on the floor).

(Blocker, Maddie, and Daffyd pictured by Marilyn on their couch)�

At first, there were three of them, Maddie, Blocker and Daffyd, till Blocker’s epilepsy got the better of him and we had him put down. Miss you heaps, my beta male mate.

Maddie was the mum of this trio. Maddie was born in February1995 (not being entirely sure of the date, and she being my valentine and all, I take 14th of February as her birthday) The boys were born in 1998 on June 4th. They have a brother, Lachlan, who lives up on the farm that Maddie came from; and two sisters, Olive who lives in the Blue Mountains, and Poni who lives in Melbourne (and visits sometimes)

Maddie is a ’station’ kelpie, meaning she wasn’t born from a pure bred working stock. Her father, Rocky, was a well-respected working dog, though, up at Euralla in the New England area of New South Wales. He was also famous as the dog jumping through a ‘Good O’ on the can of that particular brand of dog food.

Maddie got it together with a pure bred kelpie stud, who will remain nameless to protect his reputation. So, the kids are more towards the pure breed, but they are ’station’ dogs, too. Daffyd shows clearly the origins of the breed in his collie colouring, the length of his fur, and the fact that his ears don’t prick up quite like they should.

And then came Slim, full name Slim Dusty, named both for his condition when found and for the Australian iconic country and western singer who died in 2003. Slim came into my life out of a dream – and you’ll have to read his page to find out what that means. He’s a red/ chocolate kelpie born in 2001 as far as we could make out from his teeth. We celebrate his birthday along with Daffyd’s.

Anyway, you’ll meet them in more depth on this site, so I’m just going to leave this page with the most perfect guides for living I have ever come across. I first saw them in a vet in Berry. I have no idea who wrote them, but I know they’d have been a great person to know.

Be More Like Your Dog

Take plenty of walks and naps.
Drink lots of water.
Don’t think too much.
Make friends with everyone in the neighbourhood.
Don’t go for a run without your ID.
Make the people you love feel welcome when they come home.
Every now and then stand out in the rain.
GO ON! What are you waiting for! GO STAND IN THE RAIN!!

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