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Principal Consultant

Paul van Reyk is the principal consultant with the company. Paul has a Bachelor of Social Studies from Sydney University.

Paul has over 25 years experience in working at all levels in the Government and non-Government sectors. He has been a frontline worker in employment, health, counselling and youth services. He has worked as a senior policy writer and program developer for Government Departments in New South Wales and have in this position provided advice to Ministers and Department Heads. He has evaluated significant national level Government programs in areas such as health, housing, education and immigration. He has also provided management and planning consultancies to small and to multi-million dollar non-Government organisations, multi-million dollar Government programs, senior levels of management in Government Department and the private sector.

Partner Consultants

Susan Johnston Consultancy Services

Susan Johnston provides an independent consultancy service to government and non-government organisations.  Her main areas of expertise are in community services, public health services, housing and welfare services.  Her skills are in strategic planning, service evaluation, workshop facilitation, policy development, conflict resolution and mediation and management supervision.

Susan has a Bachelor of Social Studies and a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney, and a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Melbourne (Faculty of Law).  She is an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Executives, a member of Australian Association of Social Workers, a member of the Australasian Evaluation Society, a member of Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law and a part time member of the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Susan was employed in management positions in health and community based services for over 12 years and was Deputy Director of Mental Health Services for the inner city of Sydney (South East Health) prior to becoming a consultant in 1997.



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