You’ve already had some insight into the who and what of me from my Home Page. So what more do you want to know?

  • Born a Sri Lankan Burgher in 1952; migrated to Australia with my family in 1962. The My Family pages on this site will fill you in on some of this.
  • Confirmed what everyone else knew about my sexuality in 1978 – yes, I am indeed gay/ a faggot/ a poofter/ queer. You can read all about it under My Queer Space.
  • Politics – very left ratbaggy greenie. Check out the scattered scribblings under My Activisms
  • Married in 1984 – didn’t see that one coming did you!
  • Six kids now through known-donoring with 5 women of various sexualities. Check out the families, kids, stuff about donoring from the My Family pages on this site.
  • Social worker by profession – community organisation and activism as the major stream. Run my own consulting company and you can read all about that on the Management Consulting pages of this site.
  • My other major passionate piece of community activism currently is working with the people of Paigatasa, a remote village in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and you can read all about that at www.paiga.com.au
  • Avid foodie, small time caterer of Sri Lankan food, occasional restaurant reviewer. Check out my foodie site www.buthkuddeh.com.au for more on this.
  • Sometime actor – some reckon permanent actor, but that’s when they want to be unkind!
  • Equally sometime writer – and you can read some of the sometimes on this site in the Writings pages.
  • Major passion is My Dogs, who have given me permission to occasionally blog there lives on this site.

Drop me a line bout anything you find interesting – pvarnreyk@optusnet.com.au

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