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Life During Wartime

This paper is part of a wider project to document the history of this and other dedicated AIDS units in the Australian hospitals. The paper focuses on the nursing staff and hopefully goes a small way to redressing the lack of their voice in Australia’s AIDS history. It covers the period 1983 – 1993 from the first AIDS case in Australia to the beginning of trialling anti-retrovirals, the period during which the nursing practice was at its most challenging by all accounts

AIDS and Minorities

A look at some issues for HIV/AIDS education and support programs for ethnic communities in an Australian context.

Anglocentrism and all that

In the January 1992 issue of Campaign, Australia’s longest running gay monthly magazine, a letter appeared under the heading `Racist Friend’. It read ‘I have to compliment you on that beautiful guy on the November cover, Linden Davidson. But when I looked inside I was disappointed to see that Asian queen, Chee Kun Woo. He would probably look good in the Hong Kong Weekly. How come there are thousands of gay men coming out from Asian countries? Who lets them in…..’

This paper is my response.

Even Cowgirls Get the BluesQueer

Patsy, Loretta and Tammy sell out sisters? Nah! Sirens with a lot to say about being a woman and heterosexist bullshit. That’s why gay men and lesbians love ‘em – oh, and the big hair. Read on…..

The syringe and the jam jar: riffing on gay dad donors

This article appeared in word is out, Number 3, June 2002

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