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On the last version of my site, my daughter pointed out that while I had devoted a heap of attention to my dogs, I had dealt with my kids less than satisfactorily. So, here’s the new portal to their worlds.
I asked each of them to write their own introduction and give me a link to a site where you could find out more about them. Here – unedited – is what they came up with at short notice over dinner in Newtown one night in December 2007. For some weird reason Mary set them off writing in the third person!
All things being good, I’ll get them to update the profiles here from time to time.


Mary Post Mexico …is a dog’s body everything.

All inquiries:
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Any facebookers: check out ‘Shades of Green; for her extracurricular etceteras.
- likes to make linoprints
- is coming around to the joys of second hand shopping
- doesn’t like mushrooms
- likes reading/writing/dinner conversation
- doesn’t like people who don’t/donkey vote
- likes dinner out!

Her blog Diary of a Surfer Moll is at;

Her scurrilous retelling of the origin of Ganesh is at;


raj.jpg …lives for music.
He works in Sydney as a performer, manager, consultant, and record store snob.
He plays in an up and coming rock band called Me vs You ( ).
He collects cds and vinyl and is a freelance writer for various local music publications.
You’ll most likely find him drunk in one of Sydney’s many fine music venues .
He is currently attempting to read everything ever written by Philip K Dick.
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And check out his writings – reviews, poems, short stories – at

Short cut to his piece on Helen Reddy’s ‘I Am Woman’ in the Canberra Times


alexis.jpg …is working for SuperSavers carpet cleaning company full time and loving it. If you want your carpets cleaned professionally look us up. I love all kinds of music so long as you can dance to it, and all my free time is spent dancing at parties with friends. I’m a very social boy.

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alexis1.jpg …is the good looking one in the family.
Height: 5”3
Weight: 53kg
Eye-colour: Brown
Main Characteristics: Cute, political, flippant
Favorite Food: Lemon Sorbet
Weakness: Can’t Spell.
She is currently studying Arts/Law at ANU in Canberra (but she’ll probably drop Law, because it looks like hard work). She doesn’t like long walks on the beach, or pina coladas. She does like politics, indie music, pretentious indie films, and cute clothes. She is probably a political genius and is also really good at coming up with hilarious slogans for T-shirts.
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