olivejune2004.jpgThe bare facts first.
I was born on June 4th, 1998, along with two brothers and three sisters, one of whom didn’t survive the night. I am a kelpie that’s got a lot of throwback to my collie ancestors. My mother, Maddie, was what they call a station dog, that is, she wasn’t a working kelpie. My grandfather was a very well-known working Kelpie up at Euralla, which is in the New England Tablelands of New South Wales in Australia. He was also famous for being the dog pictured jumping through a dog food ring on the can of a product called Good-Os. My father was a kelpie stud from Gladesville in Sydney. Paul thinks I was number four to pop out on the night. I look very much like my brother Daffyd, who as you know by now is a handsome lanky lad with medium length where I am petite – though not as minute as el shrimpo Ponni, my youngest sister – and have short hair a la mode.

My dog days – an occasional diary

June 2004

Yes, well, it’s ABOUT TIME THANKS PAUL that I made an appearance on here!!!! Just because I have been living in the Mountains doesn’t mean I haven’t been intimately communing with my mum etc.!

Well, of course, PAUL knows NOTHING about my life to date apart from that my human companions are the delightful Tilly and Philippa, but that what really counts is my darling Chica, with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing my – no, I don’t think I shall speak of my age!. Suffice to say that she is mon cher, mon cara, mon compadre. What though at age 14 she is going a little deaf! She hears moi well enough for us, and still can give me a run for my money.

The photo up top was provided by Philippa. Rather a clever trick, eh. I have also tried rolling my tongue into a tube shape, but haven’t quite got there.

Must run, Chica calls. More to follow. A bientôt.

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